Skim Milk Powder

Full Fat Milk Powder

After being delivered into proper storage tanks, high-quality fresh milk is defatted based on the intended level of fat and protein in the product, and after pasteurization, homogenization, and condensing process, is dried by a spray dryer, and then packed under hygienic conditions in multi-layered packages. This product complies with national and international standards, and used in the following industries:

  • Cakes and Muffins

  • Biscuits and Sweets

  • Chocolate and Toffee

  • Dairy Industries

  • Ice-cream and Desserts

  • Meat Products









Whey Powder

When the required tests are done and quality is assured according to pH level, raw whey is stored in suitable primary containers and after pasteurization, homogenization, concentration, and drying, is packed in laminated paper bags. These products comply with permits issued by the Ministry of Health and Standards Organization and is packaged in a variety of pH and colors to meet consumer demands. Colored whey is mainly used in puffed cereal industries. And white whey with a PH of about 4.8 to 5.5 White whey with sour taste is used in curd and black curd paste production White whey with a sweet taste and high pH have uses in cakes and cookies, ice cream, chocolate, biscuits and desserts industries as a partial replacement for dry milk.












Arian Laban butter is made from freshly sweetened cream extracted from cow’s milk and is produced and packaged in different weights with the most equipped method of continuous buttering. This product has at least 82% fat and a maximum of 18% non- greasy material (16% water and 2% nonfat dry matter).


cream is a product that has been exposed to the thermal sterilization process in a continuous flow and is packaged in aseptic conditions. It is produced and supplied with 18% and 0% fat percentage in Tetra Pack packages with long-term storage capability, even outside the refrigerator environment. This product can be used in confectionery chocolate and creamy snacks industries, dairy food industry, baby food, home consumption, etc. and due to the variety of fat percentage and its flavored type, it includes a wide range of consumers.